Our Process


Arranmore Furniture is Australian made solid timber furniture, delivered locally and internationally.  



We only choose the best pieces of raw timber that have been dried and stored correctly to ensure the end product last for decades.

Our showroom in Hawthorn showcases a vast selection of finished pieces to give you inspiration from a light coloured Vic Ash to the deeper colours of Walnut and Jarrah. We can supply any timber you desire.

Our expertise lies in our personalised service to assist you in optimising the design of your piece.

Start with a raw sketch or an idea, our sales staff and Andrew will oversee the design of your piece and can help you select the timber for your furniture to ensure your piece is functional and durable whilst capturing the look of your choice of natural solid timber in your space.

An Arranmore piece finished in our natural oil enables unique design and durability. 



We work with you to design the perfect piece for your room be it a dining or board room table.

Visit our showroom in Hawthorn and discuss with our sales staff your dimensions and ideas. You are invited to take home samples of our timber or chairs to help you with your decision making. We will send you a quote outlining your order details. If you would like to proceed with your order you will need to email a confirmation to us. 

All approved designs require a 50% deposit to secure your work order.

Alternatively, you can purchase floor stock for delivery the same week.  There are some 40 tables in stock at any one time in a wide variety of sizes and timbers.



Our passionate team of artisans bring the design to life with their years of experience in craftsmanship you can be sure of the highest quality.

An Arranmore solid timber table top is a natural product and when finished in our natural oil, due to changes in climate your will expand and contract approximately 1% throughout the year.

Our table tops are designed to be installed on our designed bases which are a laser cut slotted steel or timber base system.  This design is specific to allow for the natural movement in the timber.  This design prevents the timber splitting, cupping or bowing as it expand and contracts.  We are unable to provide a warranty on a top that is not fitted to a base designed by us.

You are invited to discuss your custom base in the design phase.  

Once you confirm your order and pay your deposit, by appointment only you may visit the factory in Ballarat with the assistance of our manager you may hand choose the timber for your table.   

You will be supported and educated by our factory manager to make your choice.

Please note, the factory is a working factory and you will be required to wear closed toe shoes.  A hi-vis vest and earmuffs will be supplied on arrival. Children must be supervised at all times.



Lastly, we deliver and install to any location. We pride ourselves on having never been beaten by a challenging install.

Please notify our team of any specific delivery instructions for your piece to ensure smooth delivery on the day.

We endeavour to deliver to the Peninsula and coastal locations on the first Saturday of every month and regular deliveries would occur on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday typically.  You are welcome to organise a specific day and time if required, please note a surcharge will be incurred.

Your final payment is due prior to delivery, an invoice will be sent by our administration team to you.  

Arranmore tables and furniture with a natural finish are easy to look after.  You only need to clean with a lightly soapy dish cloth.  Do not use sprays, chemicals, abrasives or scourers.

They are also easily repaired with a light sand and our natural oil.  Do contact us for instructions on how to do this or for a small fee our team can come to you.

OUR UNIQUE NATURAL OIL SURFACE has been designed specially for our tables to ensure the longevity of your table.   Our natural oil surface enables you to put a hot cup of coffee on the surface without marking it.  You won't require coasters of cleaning sprays.  It is recommended that you only require to clean your Arranmore table with soapy water and a cloth. 
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